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Stories abound here of people losing things or leaving things on the train…wallets and purses, money, cameras, phones, etc. And the stories usually have happy endings, with the item returned with money/belongings intact and undisturbed. I witnessed something at a mall this week that illustrates the general integrity of the Japanese people.

To set the stage, we are in the midst of a Japanese Holiday – the biggest and most important Japanese Holiday – New Years! Many, dare I say most, Japanese people are off work for about a week and a half and this year will return to work January 6. So it was New Year’s Eve and my husband and I were at a very crowded, very busy mall. We got lunch at the all-too-familiar mall food court, although it Japan the food isn’t all that familiar to us. The food court was packed and people had to stand and wait with food in hand until tables were vacated to sit down and eat…except for one lady. She waited until a table was empty, put her purse in the middle of the table and walked half way across the food court to place an order. We were astounded. We watched for awhile and never saw the lady come back to the table (the lines were very long), but neither did we see anyone take her purse. Where I come from (sadly), that purse would have been gone in just a few minutes.

Then today, I was looking at the Facebook page of a group I am involved with when I saw this exchange:

Last night at XXXXXX I left my jacket, pink iphone 5C and wallet. The jacket is a long pea coat with purple, black and white plaid. If found please contact me at XXX XXXX XXXX. Thanks in advance!

You might try checking in with the local police. It’s pretty common for lost items to actually get turned in off base. I’ve know quite a few people who’ve lost/misplaced their wallets, purses, entire lives/etc on trains/bars/random places in Japan — and 9 x’s outta 10, they’ve been able to pick it up at the nearest police station! Good luck!

Thank you! I filed a report but didn’t hear anything back but luckily someone brought back the jacket and belongings yesterday. Nothing was tampered with. I appreciate everyone’s help though (:

WOW…another one of the many reasons I love Japan!